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Our forests and the planet need you.
Please join forces with us and help create a better future for all.

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Future of the Amazon Foundation is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and registered in the Amsterdam chamber of commerce under number: 82713820, EU organization ID: E10299732 

We are looking for your generosity and all kinds of support: ideas, funds, time offered for this project to emerge and much more. If you can’t wait and want to start planting trees for the future of your and everybody else’s children, connect to us, we can redirect you to projects in the Amazon region. 

The Future of the Amazon Foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam, the Netherland, under number 82713820. 

Financial contributions can be made here:

To IBAN account: NL50BUNQ2060049857 att: Future of the Amazon Foundation

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For Brasil: PIX CPF 745016151-68 

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