Ecovillage Peace Valley Bahia

More than 2000 km from the edge of the Amazon, in the other great rainforest of South-America, the Mata Atlantica rainforest, we are taking the first steps to build an eco village in a small closed 150 hectare valley, surrounded by damaged rainforest which we protect. It will slowly transform into a hub for the region to transition to sustainable agroforestry and permaculture. We will operate accommodations for people spending the time participating in courses or just wanting to relax in nature for a week or so.

The story is that the valley was bought to offset a huge carbon footprint by the owner, Rob de Laet and to create a place to become self-sustaining in case of societal collapse as well as rewilding the area and inviting the heavily hunted local wildlife to return and find refuge in the valley.

Here you see the effect of reforestation. It goes really fast!

Here is a Youtube drone video showing the valley in 2016. The area is much more wooded now:

Page header photo with parrots by Debora Tingley on Unsplash