25-26th August 2022
- Indigenous Territory of Pindaré -

25-26th August 2022 - Gathering

On 25th-26th August, 2022, people from the territories of Alto Rio Guamá, Alto Turiaçu, Caru, Rio Pindaré, Awá and Araribóia as well as Rob de Laet – Future of the Amazon Foundation, the nature reserve Gurupi as well as allied organizations will meet in Pindaré to scale the protection and regeneration efforts in the region. This gathering will be led by Arlete Guajajarar of the Indigenous Working Group to restore the The Mosaico Gurupi.

The aim, for this very strategic area for the Amazon, is to increase the forest cover between the cities of Belem and Sao Luis to reinforce the biotic pump, strengthening the atmospheric river that comes in over this area with humid air masses from the Atlantic. The project is part of continental size climate restoration, meant to avert a runaway dieback of the whole Amazon rainforest. One source of funding will be via a carbon credit platform https://www.openforestprotocol.org/ as well as via NGOs and public donations.

Chief Ronilson of the Guajajara people in Indigenous Territory of Araribóia, Maranhao, Brazil explains their reforestation programme here, knowledge which will be shared with the other people at the forthcoming gathering.