Future of the Amazon Foundation are happy to announce that the forest restoration project with the Guajajara indigenous peoples in the Araribóia Indigenous Territory area of north-east Brazil has reached one million trees planted!

In just one and a half years, supported by the Foundation, the local people have been enthusiastically collecting tree seeds and then providing care and attention to grow these into new trees in order to restore their forest. This also has many benefits for biodiversity and for the biotic pump of the whole Amazon region.

Now, a letter of intent has been reached with the Guajajara leadership to plant sixteen million more trees and additional funds are being sought to help with tools and solar pumps for the village tree nurseries in the region. The program also includes a multi-functional centre which will be powered by solar panels, have satellite internet and a health care post.

We hope the plan will be financed through so-called carbon credit investments.

 Five Guajajara chiefs including the president of the organisation of the Guajajara people, Jacirene Guajajara, together after the signing of the letter of intent with Rob de Laet