The Future of the Amazon Foundation focuses on specific climate action with regards to climate tipping points and first and foremost on averting the immediate danger of the dieback of the largest rainforest in the world with climate consequences for the whole world as well as climate action focused on the regeneration of nature and degraded lands as a way to improve the local and global hydrological cycle in interaction with vegetation and specifically with tropical rainforests, in order to temper extreme weather events and even open possibilities to help cool the planet.

 To help create alliances, and tool sets based on technologies of blockchain, smart contracts and DAOs as well as other cutting-edge technologies to scale regenerative action.

While the foundation itself is small, it is part of a huge global network of organizations and people all passionate to make the great turning towards a sustainable future. We liaise through a number of organizations to the global rural and urban poor as well as other grassroot organizations focusing on improving the local quality of life.

Target group

The youth is our focus as well as pushing the world to finance a regenerative economy and make climate action something that is sustained financially, with a huge focus on rectifying the immoral inequalities and destructive nature of the current system.


Our network is part of a large global alliance of around a hundred organizations

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